Top Ten Irish Bowlers: Highest Wicket Takers

Throughout the history of international cricket, Ireland has been responsible for the growth of several great players. There have been wicketkeepers, slip fielders, sweepers, and bowlers among these players. Irish bowlers have a well-deserved reputation for being some of the best in the world because of their great technique and strong swing. In the next few years, Ireland may have a bowler who is good enough to compete at the highest levels around the world. Below is a list of the top 10 Irish bowlers based on how many international wickets they have taken and covered in current sports news cricket.

  1. Mark Adair –

Mark Adair is from Ireland. He is a bowler who can also bat and field. In May of 2019 year, he played his first One-Day International (ODI) match for his country against England (2019). After the season was over, the Irish Cricket League gave him a central contract. He was one of 19 players to get this honor. Mark bowls very fast with his right arm, and he has taken 71 wickets in international competitions. He is now ranked ninth in the world for his job.

  • BJ McCarthy –

In 2015, BJ McCarthy’s first-class cricket game was his first as a right-arm medium-fast bowler. At the time, McCarthy had never played the game before. In June 2016, he played in his very first One-Day International game, which was against Sri Lanka. As of the time this article was written, BJ had already played in 38 One-Day Internationals (ODIs), 11 Twenty-Twenty Internationals (T20Is), and 1 Test match. He has played in 75 international tournaments, and he is now ranked ninth. He has caught 75 balls.

  • Andy McBrine –

Andy McBrine bowls off-breaks with his right arm and hits the ball in the opposite direction of the other players. In March 2014, he played his first game for Ireland in a Twenty20 International against Zimbabwe. The game happened in 2014. During one-day internationals, he had 50 runs and took 5 wickets. He gave a great performance. As of right now, he has 80 wickets in international play, which puts him tenth on the all-time list of wickets taken.

  • Craig Young –

Craig Young played his first game for Ireland in May 2013 against Scotland. It was a first-class match. Ireland and Scotland were the two teams in the game. He bowls with his right arm at a medium speed with his right hand. In September 2014, when he played his first One-Day International against Scotland, he was able to get five of their batters out of the batting crease. Craig finished the game with the eighth five-wicket haul for a player in their first One-Day International. Craig had never taken part in a One-Day International before. He is now ranked sixth all-time in this category with 81 wickets from international play.

  • Trent Johnston –

Trent Johnston bats with his right hand and throws medium-fast balls with his right arm. He was born in Ireland, but his family moved to Australia, which is where he lives now. His cricket skills got better in Australia, where he also grew up and learned more about the game. In June 2006, he played in his first One-Day International, which was against England. In this type of competition, he is currently ranked sixth in the world. Trent was one of 11 people who played for Ireland in the first-ever One-Day International competition held on the Emerald Isle. He played for his country in 98 international games and took 98 wickets in those games.

  • Alex Cusack  –

Alex Cusack was an all-around player for the Irish national team from 2006 to 2015. During that time, he played for his country from 2006 to 2015. People thought his bowling speed was good for his position, and he batted in the middle of the lineup. He played in 37 Twenty-Twenty Internationals and 69 One-Day Internationals, for a total of 102 international games. There were 69 one-day international tournaments and 37 twenty-twenty international tournaments. With 98 wickets from his international career, Alex moves up to the sixth spot in the rankings, which is one spot higher than where he was before.

  • Tim Murtagh  –

Tim Murtagh is a bowler. He throws the ball with his right hand and at a speed that is between medium and fast. He has been representing Ireland on the world stage since 2012 and will do so until 2019. During his time on the national team, he played in three tests, 58 one-day internationals, and 14 Twenty20 internationals. In total, he played in 73 games for his country. Tim is the fourth person in the history of cricket to be the first person to take 100 wickets in an international tournament. Tim’s success is because he has competed in international events. In November 2019, it was said that he would no longer play cricket in international tournaments.

  • Boyd Rankin  –

Boyd Rankin is number three on this list. He is tall and used to bowl with his right arm. During his career, he played for both England and Ireland. Boyd’s international career came to an end after three tests, 75 one-day internationals, and 50 twenty-over internationals. He had taken 157 wickets in those games. After 13 years of playing cricket professionally, he has said that he will stop playing international cricket in 2020.

  • George Dockrell –

George Dockrell is an all-round bowler who uses a slow orthodox left-arm bowling style. Dockrell also hits with his left hand, in addition to his right. In February 2010, he played his first game for his country in a Twenty20 match against Afghanistan. He was only 19 years old. He had never played for his country before. George has taken 169 wickets while playing for his country, which puts him in second place at all time.

  1. Kevin O’Brien –

Kevin O’Brien has taken more wickets than anyone else for Ireland in all kinds of games. He bowls at a medium speed and hits with his right hand. Kevin scored a century in the shortest amount of time ever in a World Cup match (50 balls). He now has 172 international wickets, which puts him at the top of the list. He is at the top of the list of Irish cricketers.

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