Vera Sidika has hit back at claims she is broke, saying that her haters and some vloggers are not even ready for what she is about to unleash next.
The socialite was not spared after her unfiltered, rusty photos surfaced online, with trolls taking the ‘golden’ opportunity to publicly mock her.

Credits: Vera Sidika.

She clapped back at her haters saying they are just being bitter because she copped the mansion five years ago. Saying “Bought my house 5 years ago & it’s 5 years later that people wanna talk shit that I borrow house for pics”. Where were y’all 5 years ago when I got it. Y’all weren’t available to hate when it was still new. Y’all were too embarrassed to hate.This just shows you that God is just making y’all show your bitterness before I reveal my next big blessing”. Insisting “This one y’all gon die. I swear. Woi woi woi ata heri mngenyamaza tu coz sasa mtaambia watu mini.”

Pic: Vera Sidika’s mansion.

She sent a warning to her critics who thought they knew her better than she did, because they just cannot see what’s coming.Promising to drop her next big blessing soon enough.

The Trolls however did not sit well with her, clapping back with all sorts of insults and comebacks.

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