President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has lifted restrictions on 110 arcades, salon, and boda-boda operations in the country.

One of the requirements will see the Boda Boda riders record names of their clients which will then be used in contact tracing. In a must, the operators to wear helmets and masks the same to their clients with the operations expected to end at 6 pm.

“Public service motorcycles a.k.a Boda Bodas to begin operations effective 27th July 2020. The following SoPs must be enforced; Register passengers, wear masks plus helmets, ensure passengers wear masks and operations end at 6 pm.” Said, President Museveni

Salons have been ordered to re-open immediately and will be required to ensure all clients wear masks.

“On salons; to be allowed to operate with immediate effect on condition that they ensure all customers wear face masks and operators wear face shields.”

Museveni while addressing the country on Tuesday, noted the good work being done by health officials to ensure that look after and treat people during the pandemic.

“Our health workers have spent 4 months in the hospitals [some] without going home, they risk their lives to look after/treat people. When we are begging you to be careful it is also that we protect these selfless people.” Said, President Museveni

Concluding, Museveni said the places of worship and schools will have to wait as scientists advise on ways for their safety reopening.



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