Two separate bomb attacks in Somalia in the last 24 hours have left at least seven people as confirmed by military police in the region.

The first attack happened on Saturday when a bomb took off 90 km south of capital Mogadishu killing four people, some of them being military personnel.

It is alleged that the bomb was planted in a house belonging to a military personnel in a mall town called Wanlaweyn claiming the lives of civilians too.

Since the incident happened no terrorist group including Al-Shabaab has come forward to claim responsibility even though they have wanted to take control of the country.

The second incident happened on Sunday when a car planted with a bomb took off at a checkpoint manned by soldiers.

Residents who witnessed the second incident said they were still dealing with the first bombing when they heard the second one.

Officers manning the checkpoint at Bacadweyn saw the vehicle approaching and efforts to stop failed before opening fire.

It has been established that three attackers were inside the vehicle when before the incident happened.

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