Secrets that a woman will never tell..No.9 replaced with money.

1. They read brain in most circumstances and watch guy’s behaviours when with other ladies in other places.

2. Women don’t give up easily on a man that they really love and admits it. It is very hard for a normal woman to let a man go.

3. They love sugary foods like chocolates during monthly periods( in general) and are very hot tempered.

4. Women cry alot over very small issues and love being treated like small babies

5. They usualy get to realise very easily when a guy is having a crush on them. Sometimes they pretend not being on your radar.

6. They check on men dressing. Women can easily judge a man by his dressing code. They check especially on shoes.

7. They don’t like a guy who always keep on talking about their ex-women.

8. They love being told the truth and therefore they love men who are straight forward.

9. They love pizza and flowers. No matter how petty they may look like.

10. Women really love being loved.

11. They love being given too much attention.

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