The Kenyan Communications Authority (CA), the regulator of ICT related services, has issued new customer care guidelines for public participation. A section of this document provides that telecom companies will pay their customers for some periods when they experience service disruptions.

Telecom giants, Safaricom, and other mobile phone operators such as Airtel and Telkom Kenya will now have to compensate customers when network outages knock out voice, data, and text services as per the new law. The new rules are aimed at protecting millions of mobile phone users from poor services related to network outages and lack of Internet connections.

The Communications Authority of Kenya is allowed by law to sanction any telecommunication company that inconveniences customers through service interruptions as a result of omission on its part. Prior to this regulation, the CA only enforced sanctions on telcos for service outages. According to some reports, this could amount to 0.2% of their annual revenues.

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) wants to include compensation to clients for mobile phone outages. “A licensee shall develop and implement an outage credit policy in situations where service is unavailable due to system failure and not as a result of scheduled and publicized maintenance, emergency or natural disaster,” said the draft rules.
“(The policy) will compensate subscribers or issue credit equivalent to usage over a similar period that outage lasted (and) compensate customers for each day that service has been unavailable.”



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