Ugandan MPs under NRM who turned down party positions called President Museveni seeking forgiveness before they were labeled ‘rebel MPs’

President Yoweri Museveni “I met our NRM Members of Parliament who have previously opposed certain party positions, hence being named “rebel MPs”. They called on me at State House Entebbe to seek the party’s forgiveness.

Museveni made their case before the party’s Central Executive Committee yesterday which resolved party’s cohesion and discipline, and went to interact on guidance with the MPs urging for unity as way to strengthen the nation.

“To the MPs and indeed other leaders, my message is that you should be pre-occupied with the future and survival of the African race. That is what is critical, especially when we don’t have a strong nation like USA, China or India, as our anchor.

He added, avoid politics of tribe and identity for Ugandans are waking up. Thus, it explains why the country have bumper production of milk, sugar, bananas, etc. being that leaders must work for prosperity of their people being the most important thing.

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