Residents of Kang’ethia Village in Embu North Sub-county, raise alarm over challenge with criminal gangs taking advantage of the darkness to terrorize the village.

The criminals are said to be targeting domestic animals and household items, executing their evil acts with reckless abandon despite the presence of police officers at the nearby Kibugu police station.

The residents are blaming the increased criminality on the bane of illicit brews which they say has forced unemployed youths to result to stealing to satisfy their thirst for the brews.

Police officers finding themselves on the receiving end accused of allowing the sale and consumption of illicit brews in exchange for bribes.

The residents are also lamenting an increase in illegal games that they say has affected the behavior of school going children who are on long holidays resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Most affected is the Embu-Kirinyaga common border where the criminals are said to have devised ways of evading the police dragnet.

Source: Kenya Broadcasting Corporation



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