Manchester United and Manchester City stars Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden have loose their places in the England squad after their were caught on camera sneaking women into England team hotel.

The allegation were so severe that FA are now investigating the claims as Iceland have already imposed fines on the duo amounting to 1,300 euros. Greenwood and Foden joined the senior team on Saturday as they overcame Iceland to win by a goal.

This is a huge embarrassment for two immensely talented young players, who have let themselves and their team-mates down when they had a chance to impress at international level. Additional videos have emerged showing some of the girls chatting with the two as they request to know how they will be sneaked into the hotel.

Immediately the incident leaked out, they were kicked out of England squad and will not be available for the rest of the fixtures. England has since released a statement confirming they have apologized on their behalf for their lack of judgement. They continued by confirming the FA are probing the matter and that they have confirmed to Denmark that the rest of the team are in good health.



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