A couple in Tana River county on Saturday was forced to cancel their wedding when a man claiming to be their biological father emerged just as they were about to walk down the aisle. Anne Magwi and Jotham Munini who were supposed to exchange their marriage vows on Saturday, September 5, are reported to have been raised by single parents.

According to Daily Nation, the alleged father accompanied by his sisters walked into the Church to put the wedding to an end saying it is an abomination. Holy Redemption Ministries Pastor, Festus Muli says the alleged father of the couple says the groom and bride were both products of his former relationships. “He said one of the children, the groom, was sired in an informal relationship that did not end well,” said pastor Muli.

The pastor further explained that James Sidai, the alleged couple’s father says that after his wife at the time discovered he was having an affair, their relationship became toxic and she left with their child, who was just a year old. It was then that he tried to build a stronger relationship with his other lover only for it to end due to financial constraints which triggered frequent misunderstandings.

The man of God revealed the man’s lover left with a four-month-old pregnancy, and would later get married to a school teacher a year later. Mr Sidai produced photos of the two children when they were young and when at college that he had got from friends and relatives who interacted with them. Sidai’s nephew, who preferred to stay unknown said his uncle has been trying to trace his children for the past 10 years in vain.

The wedding was called off and the parents were summoned for a discussion after the new information about the couple was revealed. Pastor Muli says the groom was told that his father perished in an accident when he was still young, while the bride grew up knowing that the teacher her mother was married to was her biological father. Both women didn’t deny the accusations from the alleged father of the couple.

The groom, a businessman in Madogo town, is said to have walked out of the meeting an angry man and drove away in his car leaving his mother in tears. The bride, on the other hand, was whisked away with her mother and relatives in another car.



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