How Paperless Newsletters, Recycling, and Conserving Power Can Help Small Businesses Make an Eco-Friendly Impact

As sustainability increasingly becomes a global concern, more and more businesses are dedicating themselves to the cause. Adjusting your business practices in small ways to be more sustainable increases profitability, marketability, and even helps companies make a difference. So how can your small business adopt important sustainable practices? 

Sustainably Market Your Business with Newsletters

There are many ways you can implement marketing strategies. Some involve flyers, signs, business cards, and other physical objects, but the most sustainable methods are digital marketing strategies. These include search engine optimization and social media utilization. Strategies also involve newsletters. Fortunately, with these newsletter templates, you can put together really nice newsletters that proudly showcase your business and services/products, as well as your ability to engage with your audience.

Conserve Power

There are practices your office space can implement to save electricity. Research shows that LED lighting, for example, can save at least 75% more electricity than standard lighting, so simply swapping out your lights for LEDs can have a tremendous effect. You can also utilize more energy-efficient products in your office, from printers to appliances in the break room.

Create a Recycling Program

Recycling can help minimize waste, but small businesses need to establish recycling programs to consistently make a difference. Identify what sorts of waste are common with your business. Additionally, try only purchasing recycled packaging and paper if need be.

Send Electronic Invoices

Keeping your accounting digital is not just better for business. It can also help your business be more sustainable by reducing paper waste. Use an invoice template to create professional invoices that are brand-specific. Pre-made, customizable templates make it easy to add your logo, brand details, and company information so your invoices are characteristic of your company and delivered in a sustainable way.

Use Remote Work

Part of sustainability is reducing your business’s carbon footprint. One easy way to do this is to create a business model that accommodates work from home. Remote work can substantially cut down on emissions because it removes the need for commuting. Even cutting back to half a week can have an incredible impact.

Work With Sustainability Nonprofits

Creating a green business isn’t always easy. From emissions to supply chain management, there are dozens of ways to tackle the sustainability issue. Due to what could be a steep learning curve, try connecting with nonprofits that specialize in global sustainability. Working with them as both a business owner and someone who’s passionate about green practices can help you gain insight that will take your business to the next level.

When it comes to sustainability, you don’t have to do everything at once. Start by implementing small changes, such as using electronic invoices, switching to LED lighting, and reducing emissions. Over time, you can turn your business even greener.

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