There are different reasons why some people are still single.
Some were heartbroken in their past relationships until they lost interest in committing in serious relationships, while others just choose to be single.
Another group of people also wish to be in relationships, but circumstances won’t allow them.

However, here are some reasons why you could still be single:

1. You play hard to get.
Most ladies are victims of playing hard to get. Their pride does not allow you to win on the first date.
This easily turns off men who would probably make the best partners.
Men get tired of chasing after ladies who play too hard to get; they will easily give up after a certain period.

2. You do not hang around after events.
The right time to interact and make new friends is after social events.
Always try to stay behind after every event to mingle with others.
After church services or any other social gatherings, do not be in a hurry to leave. Attend youth meetings just to create more friends.

3. You don’t initiate a conversation.
The fear of starting a conversation could be keeping you single.
No one will ever know your feelings if you don’t express yourself.
There has been a debate over time whether girls should also strike conversations.
The answer is yes. If you meet someone attractive, start a talk despite your gender.


Writer – Ramadhan nassir

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