Forbes Magazine has listed Kenya among 9 countries open for both tourism and business travel, citing the current COVID-19 trend not looking great as current daily case numbers are slightly below their recent peak but remain high, as do daily deaths.

On top of the list is Mexico which has no entry requirement despite the pandemic having infected millions of her citizens, with thousands left dead. Of the many considerations, the country is seen as a favourable choice of destination during the ongoing global pandemic due to its lenient entry requirements.

According to the Ministry of Health, foreigners only need proof of a COVID-19 negative test, with the test having been conducted at least within 96 hours of arrival. The current drop in cases of infections has also placed the country in a favourable position.

“It’s interesting to note that Kenya restarted international flights to and from the country on August 1st and since then case numbers have steadily decreased,” reads the article by the Forbes Magazine published on Thursday.



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