Dating a financially stable woman is a blessing, Know why.

When it comes to relationships, everyone seems to have what works for them.

Here are the benefits of dating a single mum.

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While some men prefer their woman dependent on them as providers, there are others who prefer dating financially stable women. Nigerian Twitter user Chineme Kalu recently made a case for dating women who fall in the latter category. According to him, being with financially stable women is a blessing.


Chineme said women who have their own money know how to love genuinely. He explained that such ladies do not fall in love from a place of hunger but instead from a need of companionship and friendship.

Some twippers disagreed and said men should always be providers. According to them, no matter how much money a woman makes, she will always want a man who can provide and come through financially for her. They argued that men should not wait for women to provide for them and should always be keen on being the head of their households.

Whats your take on dating a financially stable woman?

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